Report Bankruptcy Fraud

Suspected Bankruptcy Fraud within the Western District of North Carolina*

Use the space below to report suspected bankruptcy fraud. This information will be forwarded to the United States Bankruptcy Administrator's Office for review. You are not required to identify yourself, though it is often helpful to do so if questions arise. Please prepare a written summary that contains the following information:


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Information regarding the person or business you are reporting:
Name of the person or business:

Address of the person or business:
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Name of Bankruptcy Case:
Case Number:
Location where the case was filed:

Any identifying information regarding the individual or business:

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Brief description of the alleged fraud, including how you became aware of the fraud and when the fraud took place:

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Identify the type of asset that was concealed and its estimated dollar value, or amount of any unreported income, undervalued asset, or omitted asset or claim:

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* Only fraud reported for the Western District of North Carolina will be addressed.
   To report fraud in other districts, please contact the appropriate district.