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MCB Continuing Legal Education:

Western North Carolina Bankruptcy Seminar 2015

(posted 03/26/2015)

Change of Office Hours for Bankruptcy Administrator's Office

(posted 8/03/2013)

Effective September 1, new national conference bridge line

Please be advised that effective September 1, the Bankruptcy Court will be accessing a new national conference bridge line in order to better facilitate telephonic appearances in the courtroom. The new toll-free number is 888-684-8852. As always, please continue to arrange your telephonic appearances through the Chambers staff prior to dialing in. They will provide you with the appropriate conference id number at that time. Your cooperation with this transition is greatly appreciated.

(posted 8/29/2013)

Fee Increase Effective December 1, 2013.

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(posted 11/07/2013)

Amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, the Official Bankruptcy Forms , and the Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule will take effect on December 1, 2013. Please note that motions to sell property free and clear of liens pursuant to 11 U.S.C. ยง 366 3(f) will require a filing fee of $176 after December 1.

(posted 11/27/2013)

Proposed Amendments to Rules & Forms

The Judicial Conference Advisory Committees on Bankruptcy and Civil Rules have proposed amendments to their respective rules and forms, and requested that the proposals be circulated to the bench, bar, and public for comment. The proposed amendments, Rules Committee reports explaining the proposed changes, and other information are posted on the Judiciary's website at: The public comment period ends February 15, 2014. Please note that these amendments include a proposed national form Chapter 13 plan, as well as new modernized forms.

(posted 11/26/2013)

Effective Jan. 1, 2014 - Time change for Charlotte and Statesville Chapter 7 341 Meeting of Creditors:

All Ch. 7 Charlotte 341 meetings will be held at 10:00 AM.
All Ch. 7 Statesville 341 meetings will be held at 9:00 AM.

(posted 12/4/2013)

On December 1, 2013, amendments to two official bankruptcy forms, Schedule I and Schedule J, became effective. Historically, Schedules I and J were used when filing or amending schedules; however, as of December 1st, these forms may now also be used as a supplement to the initial filing. In accordance with this change, the Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of NC has created a new docket event for filing these schedules as a supplement. This docket event can be found in CM/ECF under Bankruptcy/Other/Supplement I/J.

(posted 12/16/2013)

New Fee Transfer of Claim $25 per claim transferred

The fee must be paid by credit card upon the filing of the claims transfer in CM/ECF using  An entity that electronically handles claims transfers must ensure that the individual filing a transfer is authorized to pay this fee by credit card.  Failure to pay outstanding fees will result in a lockout of the account and or the CM/ECF system.

(posted 4/15/2013)

Revised Dollar Amounts in Official Forms effective April 1, 2013

On April 1, 2013, automatic adjustments to the dollar amounts stated in various provisions of the Bankruptcy Code will become effective. The amended dollar amounts will apply to cases filed on or after April 1, 2013. Seven of the Official Bankruptcy Forms and two of the Director’s Forms contain references to several of the affected dollar amounts. For more information please visit the Judiciary's website at:

(posted 3/18/2013)


The Court has amended its Local Rules of Bankruptcy Practice and Procedure and Local Bankruptcy Forms, and adopted those amendments for inclusion in the Local Rules and Local Forms effective March 1, 2013.

(posted 3/01/2013)

Rules and Forms Amendments - EFFECTIVE December 1, 2010

Changes to several forms and Bankruptcy Rules 1007, 1014, 1015, 1018, 1019, 4001,4004, 5009, 7001, 9001 and new Rule 5012 go into effect on December 1, 2010. Please review the changes here.  (posted 10/25/2010)

ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER Regarding Expiration of Interim Bankruptcy Rules.  (posted 10/01/2010)

Information For Visiting Attorneys:

Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice                                                                                            $276.00

All counsel, except those representing governmental agencies, shall pay for each special admission or whenever Pro Hac Vice admission is granted pursuant to U.S. District Court's Local Rule 83.1(b). Fees should be paid at the time of electronic filing via .   (posted 6/8/2010)