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ECF Account Maintenance

Attorney Account Information

The attorney is responsible for maintaining a current mailing and e-mail address with the Court at all times. The information must be updated via your PACER Account.

E-mail information

Your primary email information can only be updated through your PACER Account Maintenance.

To add or update a secondary email address, Go to CM/ECF Utilities.

  • Select – Account Maintenance
  • Select – Maintain Your ECF Account
  • Select – E-mail Information at the bottom left of the screen.
    The e-mail information will display. The secondary e-mail addresses may be added or updated at this time.
  • Select – Return to Account Screen.
  • Click submit to finalize this update.
Attorney Login/Password Change

Go to PACER.GOV and select Forgot My Password or Forgot My Username. If you forget your user name, you will need your PACER account number or contact PACER directly.

* If the law firm has multiple attorneys with ecf login and passwords, each attorney login should be accessed and updated individually.