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ECF Attorney Training Information

  • The WDNC Bankruptcy Court acknowledges electronic training received through the Western District Federal Court or any other District or Bankruptcy Court providing electronic case filing training.
  • A unique login and password are required to file electronically with the Western District of NC Bankruptcy Court.
  • Upon completion of ECF training with the Federal District Court or another Bankruptcy Court, submit the Attorney ECF Account Registration Form. A login and password will be assigned to the attorney and e-mailed to the address that is listed on the registration form within 48 hours.
  • If the Attorney chooses not to attend CM/ECF training, review the Statement of Responsibility information, which can be found on the Attorney ECF Account Registration Form, and select the box next to the "I Agree to the Statement of Responsibility". This option submits to the Court that the attorney will allow staff to file documents electronically on their behalf.
  • Attorney firms that presently have staff electronically filing with the Bankruptcy Court may train new staff members in house. The Bankruptcy Court does not require ECF training.
  • A new attorney that has no ECF training and is not registered to file electronically in any other Federal Court is required to contact the District Court or Bankruptcy Court to schedule a training session.