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ECF Helpful Tips

General Information

  • Please read the Local Rules and General Orders for the Western District of North Carolina located on the court’s website.
  • Please refer to the list of available events under each category for the current list of docket events and utilize the “Search” feature to locate the event which best fits your need.
  • If you are attempting to file a document from two different categories in the same pleading (ex. a response to a pending motion and another new motion), you will need to file two separate documents. You cannot file pleadings from two categories in the same docket entry.
  • The court prefers that all documents be combined into one PDF versus filing separate attachments. For example, a Motion, Notice of Motion and Certificate of Service should all be combined into one PDF rather than filing each separately. In addition, pleadings should not be filed as multiple docket entries. For example, an Amended Schedule A, B and Summary of Schedules should be combined into one PDF and filed as one entry on the docket.
  • If you are docketing an event that refers to a prior filing in a case, and you are unsure of which category it relates to, you may highlight all of the categories, which will bring up the entire docket sheet.
  • Do not use all caps or all lowercase letters when typing information in CM/ECF.
  • When browsing for a PDF document to attach to a docket entry, always right click on the file name and open the PDF prior to attaching to ensure that it is correct.
  • Please do not include hyperlinks in documents filed with the court. This includes email addresses, which are in the hyperlink format.
  • Local Forms are located under the Forms main menu on the court’s website.
  • If you receive error messages when running large reports, increase the amount of your Internet browsers Cache Memory and run the report again.
  • A blue underlined docket number means a PDF image or electronic document is attached. Click on the blue hyperlink to view the document.

Bankruptcy Specific Events Service

  • The court's Local Form 01 – No Protest Hearing Notice, which provides for a specific due date, should be used when preparing any document requiring response time. This form can be found under Forms on the court’s website.
  • It is not necessary to serve the clerk’s office with any electronically filed pleadings, even if the court is listed on the mailing matrix for a case.
  • When filing a Notice of Appearance please remember to change the Lead Attorney field from 'y' to 'n'.