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Helpful Hints for Filing a Bankruptcy Case & Adversary Proceeding

Helpful Hints for Filing a Bankruptcy Case

  • Do not use all caps or all lowercase letters when typing names or addresses into CM/ECF.
  • Names entered into CM/ECF must exactly match what is listed on the petition.
  • If the debtor’s name includes a Jr., Sr., III, etc., it should be entered in the
    “Generation” field, not as part of the debtor’s last name.
  • At the "Search for a party" screen, insert the debtor's last name. If the name you are looking for is shown in the "Party search results" screen exactly as it appears on the petition, single click on the name so that the window with the complete address record will open. If the address is the same as what is listed on the petition you are filing, click "Select name from list". If the address is different, you must select "Create new party" to create the party record.
  • When filing a petition in which the debtor has both a mailing and street address, insert only the mailing address.
  • Do not enter a phone number or email address for the debtor.
  • Ensure that the correct county of residence for the debtor is selected, as this determines the divisional assignment, as well as assignment of the judge, trustee and 341 meeting.
  • The Social Security Statement should not be submitted as an attachment to the petition. It must be entered as a separate text only docket entry.  Statement of SSN – Form 121.
  • The court prefers that the Certificate of Credit Counseling also be filed as a separate docket entry. However, it may be attached to the petition.
  • The mailing matrix must be uploaded as a text document (.txt) through
  • Creditor Maintenance>Upload a Creditor Matrix File. A PDF version of the matrix should also be attached to the petition.

Helpful Hints for filing an Adversary Proceeding

  • When filing an adversary proceeding always click on "Adversary" on the blue ECF menu bar and select Open AP case. Remember to change the Role Type to Plaintiff or Defendant when adding parties to the case.
  • Please do not add the plaintiff’s or defendant's address when opening an adversary proceeding.
  • Please include the Adversary Proceeding cover sheet as required during opening.