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 Statement of Social Security Number - Form B121



The 9-digit SSN will be entered in the bankruptcy software and will transmit privately to the court.
The attorney's petition software will create an image that shows only the last 4 digits of a SSN.
(Contact your software vendor to obtain updated petition software to ensure compliance.)
File the new petition with the court as usual, however do not include Form B121 with the petition.
New Form B121 is to be completed by debtors and the original kept by the attorney.
It will be filed as a separate, electronic text-only entry.
The filing of Form B121 electronically shall constitute compliance with the requirements of the Administrative Guide regarding filing of original signed debtor documents and maintenance of same.

After filing the new petition, submit the text-only, electronic Form B121 as follows:


Form B121 - Statement of Social Security Number
This is a private entry. It will not be visible on the docket. No e-mail will be generated.

STEP 1  Click Bankruptcy from the CM/ECF Main Menu
STEP 2  Click the Statement of SSN - Form B121 hyperlink.
STEP 3  Type the case number in yy-nnnnn format; click [Next].
STEP 4  Type the debtor(s) 9-digit SSN in the text boxes provided.

Failure to file Form B121 will be considered a deficiency, due within 15 days of the filing.


Other Non-Petition Documents:
Do not file any documents that contain the 9-digit SSN of the debtor on or after 12/1/2003. Omit the SSN or display only the last four digits of the SSN.
Note: The court will not redact or in any way correct documents filed with a SSN. These will remain public entries.


The new SSN Privacy Act does not cover Taxpayer Identification Numbers or Employer Identification Numbers. These are to be fully disclosed on the petition and on all other documents filed with the court.